Sharing What Is Most Personal

I am shy.  I doubt myself.   Over the past 10 years, I’ve been journaling and writing poetry, songs, rants.    It’s therapeutic.    Some of it may be creative or inspiring.   Most of this work is hidden in notebooks and boxes, and of course in my head.

I went back and read some journals from years ago.  My handwriting was prettier then. Deep hurts have been amazingly easy to forget    I have greater compassion now for the person I used to be

What are these ideas for if not to be shared?    So I am moving past the fear of criticism and rejection and ridicule to share what I have written and who I am.   Please be kind.image


Published by

A Caregiver

I am a wife, a veteran caregiver, a medical practice manager and a living kidney donor. On this site, I share personal experiences, struggles and stories of caregiving. I am not offering medical advice. I am not a medical professional, and encourage you to consult one for that type of help.

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